World of Sport Wrestling set to return after 30-year absence – in Preston! (Quays News)

World of Sport Wrestling set to return after 30-year absence – in Preston! (Quays News)

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FAMED British Promotion World of Sport wrestling is confirmed to be returning to the nations television screens over 30 years after it was cancelled.

ITV is partnering with Anthem Sport and Entertainment Corp, parent companies of US promotion Impact Wrestling, to produce the 10-part series on ITV television.

WoS was a prominent part of early ITV television from 1965-1985, showcasing sport from around the United Kingdom.

Professional wrestling was a key feature of the show throughout its run, making household names of many of its performers like Big Daddy and Giant Haystacks.

Executive producer of Impact and WoS Jeff Jarrett found his involvement in the project “surreal”.

Jarrett, a former wrestler who competed for WWF, WCW and Impact wrestling during his career said “The World of Sport brand is etched in pro-wrestling tradition. My family’s lineage in the industry dates back 70-plus years, so I’m honoured to revive the legacy of this historic British promotion.”

The new series of WoS will feature the very best of British professional world of 2wrestling with stars such as former Impact World Champion Nick Aldis, the popular El Ligero and the World of Sport champion and a star of the BBC documentary “Insane Fight Club”, Grado.

Speaking at the launch event at Media City, Salford WoS champion Grado said “Manchester is one of the best cities I’ve competed in. It’s definitely up there in the UK, I love Liverpool, Glasgow and Manchester especially. The shows are always so loud; the fans are so passionate.“

World of Sport’s main commentator Alex Shane said, “This is arguably the biggest moment for the countries wrestling ever, the second biggest ever was probably the cancellation so it shows how big this is. When the show was cancelled in ’85 it was starting to become dated and since then the U.S have revolutionised the industry,”

He went on:

“It has always been a dream of mine to bring British wrestling back to the mainstream – I remember watching it when I was a kid at my grandparents! It’s surreal. British audience love easy to digest drama – panto wouldn’t work anywhere else in the world! Superhuman feats are seen the same way, so there’s something for everbody.”

World of Sport will be competing at Preston Guild Hall on  the 25th and 26th May. Tickets are on sale 9am Friday April 7th.

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