Manchester entrepreneurs that are bringing the fun back to beer (Quays News)

Manchester entrepreneurs that are bringing the fun back to beer (Quays News)

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EVERY Student spends their time at University drinking as much beer as possible, however when Paul Delamere and George Grant met as 21-year-old undergraduates at the University of Manchester they spent their spare time making it instead.

The pair began by investing all their spare money into the venture and brewing and fermented their product in their own student house with buckets and a stick.

They started out selling 50 pints a week at local house parties for £2 each, making a £1.40 profit on every pint they sold.

Paul Delamere, one of the co-founders said “our ethos is that beer is about good times with friends, we want to make the good times better through our beer.”

Along with their beers the company last year also launched an events division, ShinDigger Sessions to further express their ethos through collaborations with local artists, musicians and restaurants.

On Saturday 20th May as part of Shindig Sessions they will be holding a House Party event at famed Manchester venue Antwerp Mansion.

Delamere went on to say, “we aim to tap into local similarly minded people from different walks of life, we got our start selling beer at house parties and now we’re bring people together at a big house party thrown by us, it’s like we’re coming full circle.”

The company began delivering their kegs to local Manchester bars in 2013.

Now they sell around 35,000 pints to business around the UK, from London, Aberdeen, Leeds, Birmingham and they even export to Hong Kong.

Co-founder Delamere sees the company expanding further across the United Kingdom “We’re doing well in and around Manchester and growing around the North West but we want to expand across the country while staying true to ourselves and our ethos.”

ShinDigger Brewing Co – Enjoy the Moment from ShinDigger Brewing Co. on Vimeo.

ShinDigger makes and distributes ten distinct beers, all vegan, they specialise in low Alcohol by volume session beers.

Their beers range from their bestseller; the West Coast Pale Ale, with its distinct orangey flavour to ShinDigger Red, a collaborative beer with Manchester based music producer Werkha with a unique red colour.

The ShinDigger flavour takes great influences from American styles of beer. They source a range of the world’s best hops from Australia, New Zealand and the United States.

Earlier this year ShinDigger founders George and Paul won Young Entrepreneurs of the Year at the Duke of York Young Entrepreneur Award.

ShinDigger recently moved their business into a new location. The 3,000 square foot space in the middle of trendy Manchester suburb Ancoats will serve as the company’s new distribution depot and workspace.

Tickets for their Antwerp Mansion House Party event are available <p><a href="">ShinDigger Brewing Co – Enjoy the Moment</a> from <a href="">ShinDigger Brewing Co.</a> on <a href="">Vimeo</a&gt;.</p>”>here.

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