Online fundraiser set up to cover Sea Sheperd legal fees (Quays News)

Online fundraiser set up to cover Sea Sheperd legal fees (Quays News)

This article was originally uploaded to Quays News

John Legg from Manchester recently set up a Just Giving page for Sea Sheperd with the aim of raising money to pay for legal proceedings to clear his name after an incident while protesting against the shooting of seals by salmon netters as a part of SSUK’s Scottish Seal Campaign.

In 2015 John, an active protester for marine life with Sea Sheperd UK since 2010, was leading the campaign when he came across a representative from the Scottish Wild Salmon Company.

In an attempt to stop the man from harming a local seal he placed himself between the shooter and the seal.

As a result of these actions he was arrested and charged with reckless endangerment of life, his own life.

Regarding the charges John said “Putting my freedom on the line to save seals was something I was prepared to do, fighting for what you believe in is very important. I believe that the oceans are in serious trouble, if the ocean dies, we die.”

John and his wife Jackie have spent the last seven years passionately protesting against damage to the oceans wildlife and ecosystem as well as organising several beach cleans around North Wales.

Every year between September and March during the dolphin hunting season in Taiji Japan, John works tirelessly to provide the world with the most accurate weather forecasts possible in order to provide those wishing to protest the hunting drive with the best prediction possible on whether the hunting boats will be active that day, this tireless work lead to John being given the nickname “The Taiji Weatherman”.

Off the back of an expensive legal battle by Sea Sheperd on John’s behalf the charges were eventually dropped. However, John’s legal defence came at great cost to Sea Sheperd.

In order to repay Sea Sheperd for the extensive legal costs it took to fight his charges and to ensure future protests to protect marine life can take place, the Paddling for Freedom challenge was devised.

The challenge is to kayak along the Welsh coast from Conwy, North Wales down to Tenby in Pembrokeshire, South Wales. The journey is over 150 miles and would be undertaken over nine days.  


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