What is Plastic Free Pioneers?

What is Plastic Free Pioneers?

Plastic Free Pioneers was founded in 2018 by two passionate people whose lives have, through some crazy journeys  come together to enable them to bring ideas together to create a dream team of eco-warriors.

Helen Tandy and Dr Christian Dunn saw the problem, the world cannot sustain the path it’s currently going at.

We started off with Plastic free/Straw free chester in November 2017, we wanted to become the UK’s first major city to become plastic free, a journey we are still well on our way with.

This later evolved into Plastic Free Chester. We started training sessions on the problems the world has with plastic.

Many of the plastic free campaign groups focus on beach cleans and the ocean. As we are inland we wanted to find a way of raising the issue of single use plastics in our inland regions of the U.K.

As 95% of the plastic in our oceans actually comes from towns, cities and villages, making its way to the sea through rivers, drains and waterways we felt this message needed highlighting,

Littering is now a bigger issue as our 21st century doesn’t decompose in the same way it did when Keep Britain Tidy was launched in the 50s.

It can also be as a result of plastic items being blow of overflowing bins or scatter by the weather on recycling day.

Plastic Free Pioneers is about education, community engagement to reduce single use plastic therefore reduce litter. We are working with groups in litter picks, talking at events and festivals to raise the urban issue of single use plastic in the U.K.

Check out the video below where Plastic Free Pioneers founders chatted about Plastic Free Pioneers and Straw Free Chester. (Apologies for any background noise, we filmed this at a busy event promoting Plastic Free Chester).


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